When Life Gives You Lemons…

Fuck the lemonade, I’m grabbing tequila to go with that shit!
I’ve had a bit of a rough few days. Sick kids, sick hubs, bittersweet family news, school meeting and a horrible school drop off for my son today. I’m not gonna lie I spent most of this morning with a box of kleenex. I felt like a criminal leaving the school with my kiddo screaming “mommy please don’t leave me”. My poor guy had a bit of anxiety about going back to school after 4 days away, I did everything I could to ease the transition back but in the end the bandaid had to be pulled off, I had to leave otherwise I would have spent the day there. The teacher was kind enough to call to let me know he did manage to settle in ok. Living with autism, some days are so much harder than others.

So mentally today I wasn’t all in to do an intense workout but knew that sweating a little would help me feel better. I worked on my shoulders today and did this plank sequence, it was no joke! It’s amazing what lifting a few weights will do for your state of mind.


New Year, New You

It’s a new year! I’m not big on resolutions so much, more on making goals for the year. This year is the year of No Excuses for me. I have lots of fitness related goals, personal goals and climbing goals. And there’s no excuse why I can’t make them all happen. So again, I’m going to document my journey so I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I took most of the Christmas break off, just to rest my body since it hasn’t had a good break since the summer and I’m going to slowly get back into it.

January 1 WOD – Didn’t happen, I was, ahem, “sick”.
January 2 WOD – Bike 20min spin HIIT
January 3 WOD – 20 min Bodyrock HIIT

We got a spin bike and it’s so nice to have easy access to some cardio in the cold months. My ass hurts though!! Gotta get used to the seat.

WOD – November 4

Today I was more excited than usual to workout…I have new weights! My hubs doesn’t fuck around with flowers, he brings me home weights!


I was especially psyched about the kettlebell, it’s such a versatile tool and I’ve needed an upgrade for a while. So I HIIT it and then did legs, walking is difficult. And I have a walking date with a friend today, it’s gonna hurt!

HIITDay 31, Day 32


Squats – 40lbs

Lunges – 25lbs

Calf Raises – 25lbs

Plie Squats – 25lbs

Bulgarian Split Squats – 25lbs

Glute Bridges – 10lbs

Wall Sit – 30 seconds (with very shaky legs!)

WOD – October 30

Today I still felt tired but got my ass in gear to work. I did Bodyrock.tv HIITMAX Workout 29, which is 4 HIITs, I was definitely slow on the last one. And in between each HIIT I worked biceps and back. Tomorrow is an off day, I’m going on a field trip with a million grade 3’s, well its not really a million but that’s what it will sound like on the hour bus ride. After the field trip and trick or treating I’ll be ready for many well earned drinks!



Inclined Hammer Curls -15lbs

Concentration Curls – 15lbs

Barbell Curl – 20lbs

Alternate Dumbell Curl – 15lbs


One leg deadlifts – 30lbs

Back Extensions – 15lbs

One Armed Dumbell Rows – 20lbs

Barbell Row – 20lbs