When Life Gives You Lemons…

Fuck the lemonade, I’m grabbing tequila to go with that shit!
I’ve had a bit of a rough few days. Sick kids, sick hubs, bittersweet family news, school meeting and a horrible school drop off for my son today. I’m not gonna lie I spent most of this morning with a box of kleenex. I felt like a criminal leaving the school with my kiddo screaming “mommy please don’t leave me”. My poor guy had a bit of anxiety about going back to school after 4 days away, I did everything I could to ease the transition back but in the end the bandaid had to be pulled off, I had to leave otherwise I would have spent the day there. The teacher was kind enough to call to let me know he did manage to settle in ok. Living with autism, some days are so much harder than others.

So mentally today I wasn’t all in to do an intense workout but knew that sweating a little would help me feel better. I worked on my shoulders today and did this plank sequence, it was no joke! It’s amazing what lifting a few weights will do for your state of mind.


Februry 4 – WOD

I had a bit of rough day yesterday, some body image issues and just frustrated with the lack of progress. I feel like I’m working my ass off and not seeing the results I want. My biggest problem I think is eating. I felt like I was eating like a champ. But I decided to put everything I ate into MyFitnessPal and low and behold, I’m not eating nearly enough. I’m barely getting 1000 calories. But I feel like I eat all the time, apparently not enough. So I’m going to tweak my diet a bit and see if that helps.

I had a great walk with a friend today and that helped put me in a better mindset. We have a great indoor track here in town so it was nice not to walk in the snow. When I got home I worked on shoulders and abs and spent 40min on the bike. Mentally I feel better and even more determined.

Shoulders and Abs
4 sets

Shoulder Barbell Press – 20lbs 12reps
Bent Arm Side Lateral Raises – 5lbs 10reps
Upright Row – 20lbs 10reps
Rear Delt Raises – 6lbs 10reps

Jackknife Sit Ups
Bicycle Crunches
Leg Lifts

WOD – November 3

I managed to get in a little active rest this weekend and finally cleaned the yard up, raking is no joke, especially with two “helpers” redistributing the leaves the entire time. But they laughed and giggled so much it was worth the extra work.


I was going to stay in for my workout today but after running a few errands and seeing what a nice day it was I had to take advantage and get out. I ended up running 5km, I was surprised how good I felt for not having run for almost 2 weeks. When I got home I did shoulders and a HIIT. I’ve earned some Halloween candy 😉

Run – 5km

HIITDay 30 (the one I missed on Friday) and Day 31


Alternating Shoulder Press – Drop Set 20lbs, 15lbs

Lateral Extensions – Drop Set 10lbs, 6lbs

Front Extensions – Drop Set 10lbs, 6lbs

T-Raise – Drop Set 10lbs, 6lbs

Y-Raise – Drop Set 10lbs, 6lbns


Leg Lifts

Ball Crunches

Reptile Run