When Life Gives You Lemons…

Fuck the lemonade, I’m grabbing tequila to go with that shit!
I’ve had a bit of a rough few days. Sick kids, sick hubs, bittersweet family news, school meeting and a horrible school drop off for my son today. I’m not gonna lie I spent most of this morning with a box of kleenex. I felt like a criminal leaving the school with my kiddo screaming “mommy please don’t leave me”. My poor guy had a bit of anxiety about going back to school after 4 days away, I did everything I could to ease the transition back but in the end the bandaid had to be pulled off, I had to leave otherwise I would have spent the day there. The teacher was kind enough to call to let me know he did manage to settle in ok. Living with autism, some days are so much harder than others.

So mentally today I wasn’t all in to do an intense workout but knew that sweating a little would help me feel better. I worked on my shoulders today and did this plank sequence, it was no joke! It’s amazing what lifting a few weights will do for your state of mind.


Happy Friday!

Today has been busy! First thing I had to walk with 30 1st graders to the arena, tie skates, do up helmets and help little skaters get up after falling. That in itself was a back workout. It was fun and cute to skate with these little people today and nice to spend time with my little girl. This whole episode took the whole freaking morning though. Then the husband wanted to go climbing in the afternoon so my workout today was on the wall. I was super tired and haven’t been able to climb for the last couple weeks so the height got to me a little bit. I definitely didn’t climb as well as I wanted and didn’t get to the top of the routes I’m working on. Oh well, next time! Three cheers to the freaking weekend!

Throwdown Thursday

Today was kind of a big day at our house. Tristan walked to school by himself. No one warns you of these bittersweet moments. It was made even more bittersweet because there was a time I wasn’t sure he’d be able to be independant like this. When you get a diagnosis of autism your life is put in a tail spin, but it seems so far we’ve come out ok. It was such a huge accomplishment for him and he was so proud of himself.

So I decided to make today Throwdown Thursday. Tristan threwdown in life, so I threwdown in my workout. Today was back and biceps and I tried some pretty heavy stuff with the husband home to spot me. I managed to deadlift 70lbs a few times, the most I’ve tried is 40lbs. The husband also wanted to see what I could bench and I managed 50lbs for a few reps. It hurt, but in a good way!

Looking at the reps I’m doing I think I need to up my weight
Back and Biceps
4 sets

Back Extensions – 20lbs 10reps
Bent Over Row – 20lbs, 15 reps
Deadlift – 70lbs, 3 reps 50lbs, 10reps
Dumbell Row – 20lbs, 12 reps

Incline Curls – 15lbs, 12 reps
Barbell Curls – 20lbs, 12 reps
Hammer Curls – 20lbs, 8 reps

Beginning Again

Being a stay at home mom is a funny thing. For the first 4 years of your kids’ lives you are completely consumed with their care and preparing them for that ineveitable day that they test their wings and take off for that first day of school. You completely miss out on preparing yourself for that day though. I think this hits mom’s with kids with special needs harder than other mom’s in a way. My son has autism and even though he is in grade 3 now I’ve spent the last 4 years conferencing with the school, teachers, principal and therapists to make sure all the supports are in place for him to be successful. Not to mention the biweekly calls last year when he was having daily outbursts. It’s really been a full time job.

This year however Tristan is settling in better than expected and my incredible daughter is taking to grade 1 like a fish to water. So with both kids in school full time and both mostly settled in I find myself at loose ends. Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING it!! A quiet house, time to cook and clean and run errands. But I do find myself wanting something, something I can call my own, something I can build, whether its a career or fun hobby I’m not sure. It’s nice to have some time to get back to me though. To work on my identity outside of mommy. The big question is what do I want to be when I grow up? That’s the question I hope to answer this school year.

For now I’m going to keep it simple and do what I love, run, throw some weights around and write.