Motivation Monday

It’s Monday and who doesn’t need a bit of motivation to get moving on Monday? My motivation is these two crazy kids:
There are so many reasons why I’m motivated to maintain my health for my kids, but I have three main reasons. I want to have the energy and stamina to keep up with them. I want to model how to take care of yourself for them. And I want them to see what a healthy relationship with food, fitness and body image looks like.

So I took that motivation and did Legs today and an ab focused HIIT. I’m gonna feel that shit tomorrow 🙂

Legs – 4 sets

Squats – 40lbs, 20 reps
Lunges – 30lbs, 20 reps
Calf Raises – 25lbs, 20 reps
Sumo Squat – 25lbs, 20reps
Split Squat – 25lbs, 12 reps
Butt Thrusters – 10lbs, 20reps


Snow Day WOD

I had  little bump in my plans today, it was a snow day so no school for the kiddos. We started the day with Day 1 of this 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I want to get more flexible so I was excited when I found this challenge, it’s a perfect way to incorporate Yoga into my daily schedule and the kids loved it too! After we had some fun reading and playing I let them watch some Netflix so I could get a workout in.

Today was leg day, which I should have rethought considering the 2 feet of snow in the driveway that I had to shovel after. I’m gonna hurt tomorrow!

Not only did I do legs but right after I hopped on the bike and did a 30 minute HIIT. It wasn’t all out but I went as hard as I could before my legs could feel sore!

Untitled presentation (2)


WOD – October 28

I feel like I didn’t stop moving today! It was a grey kinda day so I was happy to brighten up with a walk with a great friend. We met up at an indoor track and walked for about an hour. We were definitely the youngest people there, but age apparently is just a number as some of these retirees where lapping us consistently! I think our mouths got a better workout then our legs 🙂

Today was leg day so when I got home I got right to work. In between sets I did Day 2 of HITMAX. I love these workouts so much, they completely kill me!


Squats – 35lbs

Walking Lunges – 20lbs

Calve Raises – 20lbs

Plie Squats – 20lbs

Bulgarian Split Squats – 20lbs

Glute Bridges – 5lbs

Wall Sits – 20lbs

Walking up the stairs was so difficult after this workout today! One more workout tonight (if I can still stand) and that’s boxing with the hubs, a great way to let off some steam!