Yoga – A Contact Sport?!


This is me today! After my leg workout, bike and clearing the driveway, I am hurting!

Again today I had a yoga companion. The big kid was home with me this morning because his class was skating and he choose not to participate. He’s tried skating before, but with lots of kids, lots of noise and lots of frustration its best not to go with his (and a million others) class. The only condition was he had to do Day 2 of the Yoga Challenge with me. With all the grunting and groaning and mutterings of “this is going to kill me” you’d have thought he was 80 not 8. Then, once the instructor said “warrior pose” the grimace on his face changed to a grin and warrior he became, he starts slashing and karate chopping my warrior pose “c’mon mommy we’re warriors” and we ended in a mess on the floor. If I had of known yoga was this fun I would have started it ages ago!

Once I took my little warrior to school I started in on the serious stuff. Today I did chest and triceps, I used to hate training these muscles and now they’re my favorite to train. I really wanted to get out to run, but I draw the line at temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius, I’m a wuss that way. And because I was on the bike yesterday I went to my standby and did a HIIT.

Chest and Triceps
4 Sets

PushUps – 15
Overhead Tricep Extension – 20lbs 12 reps
Bench Press – 35lbs 8 reps
Tricep Kickback – DropSet 15lbs 10lbs
Dumbell Flys – 15lbs 10 reps
Laying Down Tricep Extension – 10lbs 10reps





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