WOD – November 5

I’m a day late posting my workout but I had yet another field trip to attend with my kids. We went to the symphony yesterday and it was awesome, the conductor dressed up as Lord Vadar and conducted the Imperial March with a light saber, my son loved it! And my daughter was in awe when they played “Let It Go” from Frozen. Anyway, before the symphony I got a good workout in.

I was feeling pretty tired yesterday, which is why I only did one HIIT. So I figured I needed a rest day today, so I’m chilling this morning and then climbing with the hubs this afternoon.

HIITDay 33


One Arm Dumbell Rows – 20lbs

Barbell Rows – 20lbs

Single Leg Deadlifts – 25lbs

Back Extensions – 15lbs


Inclined Hammer Curls – 15lbs

Barbell Curls – 20lbs

Alternating Dumbell Curls – Dropset 20lbs, 15lbs

Concentration Curls – Dropset 20lbs, 15lbs


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