WOD – October 28

I feel like I didn’t stop moving today! It was a grey kinda day so I was happy to brighten up with a walk with a great friend. We met up at an indoor track and walked for about an hour. We were definitely the youngest people there, but age apparently is just a number as some of these retirees where lapping us consistently! I think our mouths got a better workout then our legs 🙂

Today was leg day so when I got home I got right to work. In between sets I did Day 2 of HITMAX. I love these workouts so much, they completely kill me!


Squats – 35lbs

Walking Lunges – 20lbs

Calve Raises – 20lbs

Plie Squats – 20lbs

Bulgarian Split Squats – 20lbs

Glute Bridges – 5lbs

Wall Sits – 20lbs

Walking up the stairs was so difficult after this workout today! One more workout tonight (if I can still stand) and that’s boxing with the hubs, a great way to let off some steam!






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